Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tough Cookie

Well the thing when writing a blog, you have got to be in the "mood" to write, and also have something to say... (some people will say..I always have something to say..haha). This last week, has been a challenging time for me.....had someone with whom I thought was special say some ridiculous nonesense to me.

But in true Jussie style and strength, I amaze myself sometimes...I am back full of positiveness and high energy! Life throws things at you when you least expect it, challenges your mind, tests your patience, and sees how far it can push you. The question is, how much can you take before you crumble and fall?? I wouldn't be human if I didn't have a wobble and think "Oh Cripes"..but that doesn't last long!

I realise my life is an extension.......and what would you do, if someone said to you "...enjoy what time you have left...."???????

I mean....ok.....it is going to happen to me...and to all of us......but I can still live a very long time (and I want to be the longest surviving double-lung transplantee). Not to be negative (because I'm not)...but anything can happen, and can abruptly halt at any time by unforseen circumstances ie: accident. However, just because I have had a transplant...doesn't mean I am a write off..a ticking time bomb. I can still live my daily life like anyone else, still enjoy the life around me.

I was extremely hurt at first by this, then my hurt turned to anger (and I'm not an angry person)...and now all those emotions have churned into positiveness. How? Well.....why cry over spilt milk? Why waste my energy on feeling miserable? Why worry about somebody else's careless statement? Why sulk over something that isn't going to happen, as I WILL live a long time. Why..just why...why waste another second worrying....why not....except, deal with it....put it behind you..and move forward!!

Move forward into good energy...be with people similar minded....be creative...be pre-occupied...be happy..and always smile (and that I do!!). And plan on exciting things such as a holiday, and I have done that. In less than four weeks I am going on the most amazing trip of a lifetime on a Meditterranean Cruise on my own (oh yes on my own..can't wait) for 7 nights...Woohooo......fabulous!!!

I have so much to look forward too, my 3rd transplant anniversary and the UK Transplant Games are in 4 months, my first marathon in 7 months, and the buzz that is just life!!

I can put nonesense behind me, forget, and strive forward onto bigger and greater things. So what makes me weak, only makes me stronger, as I am a Tough Cookie. x x

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  1. U are gonna hve the most amazing time on ur cruise...how lush!!!! I kno whatu mean about that statement...I'e heard it like a buzzingf fly in my ear!! I'm determined not to live life as a countdown but a countup!!! YeHa!! xxxxxx