Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Monday, 23 August 2010

British Transplant Games

I'm starting with the necessary link before you read my news. In memory of my friend, Joe Doyle who died waiting for a transplant, leaving behind his wife and adorable 4 children. Gutted is an understatement about how I feel about this, especially as I visited him just 2 weeks before his sad departure to the angels xx

Click here to Save Lives :)

Thursday 19th
Early start today, and ready for my friend Jason to come and collect me and drive us to destination -Bath. A short pit stop..coffee/sandwich and onwards we go. I was quite nervous and excited, another year past and time to catch up with friends made from last year. Also, the fact that I was competing in my first competition this day too. My goal for 2010, was to learn Squash in 6 months and compete at the Games. With the little tuition I've had and self practice....I was told an unrealistic time frame....but you all know me, never say never!!

I have to be honest, this sport I have found the most challenging and making me obviously the most breathless upon already being breathless,haha. But...I just don't care...I just want to keep going and pursuing. I played a few matches and really enjoyed them all. I still feel I have a long way to go to keep up playing tactifully etc. Here I am with Liz showing me how to work out who plays first serve.

And would you believe it....below is me with an actual medal in Squash - bronze medal..woohoo!!!
Photo courtesy of Garvin Besson (of the medal) Thanks.

Also, at the same time the medals were being awarded...Channel 5 News (5 O'Clock) was being aired on a piece about me.

I filmed this 2 days before I left.....and I hoped it encouraged more people to sign up!!

After collecting my bronze medal in squash, it was a quick turnaround to get ready for the Opening Parade through the city of Bath. Shame..that the weather was an absolute wash out....rain rain and more rain. But, all the hospitals across the UK still got ready for the march with hundreds of umbrellas/rain coats and as many smiles as we all could still muster.

The parade ended up inside Bath Abbey with speeches from representatives of Bath/the Games...and finished with a song written and performed by an artist in aid of the Transplant Games

Friday 20th
Today was a lazy day and I should also say a 'fat' day as all I seemed to do was eat!!
The morning started, with a treat of a cooked breakfast, which was cold and not very appetising at all...bah...

After that, I spent the first part of the day with my mate, Martin with whom I met at the Games last year (heart transplantee).
Walking around the town and
taking lots of photos of lions..which was a special commission..and everywhere we walked...we were like "OH another lion..photo!!". After a while...I actually confessed, that I was 'lioned out' and didn't/couldn't have any more piccies of them ;)

So...walking.....getting soaked also in the rain...stopping for a quick 'Leonardo's' chocolate feast...scoff scoff. Chill time then at Wagamama's Restaurant...more food, then another pit stop for tea..Oh la la.

I was hoping to actually visit the Spa's in Bath...but with the constant on/off rain..and unclear skies, it was a no-go. There is a jacuzzi on a roof top, where you can see the whole of Bath whilst relaxing in the Spa. Next time!! I would to re-visit Bath to go there, and also the infamous Longleat too! (Martin in pic below)

Returning back to Campus..some friends said they were going out for a curry in the evening, and would I like to join. The thought of any more food was just too much to bare. But......I did join intending just to have a snack. Two onion bhaji's later and a chicken tikka masala/lemon rice. Help.....fork-lift truck needed to carry me out/back to campus.

Saturday 21st
A bit of a crazy manic day arriving at the Badminton courts, and no one knowing what time any of their matches would be. I was hungry!! When you eat more the day before, you are always more hungry the next day!! - but, in theory I had enough fuel to feed 2 after my scoffing yesterday.
But, at same time...didn't want to eat incase was about to play. Yet...also didn't want to feel weak from not eating. Oh la la....I decided to eat my sandwich and hope my first game would be much later. Big fat NOOOOoooooo...my name was called out, typical. So sandwiched up and heavy stomach...here we go.

I ended up playing about four matches...one game was so close 14/15. I was running here,there, and everywhere. Puffing in parts - but loving the adrenalin too.

Badminton Doubles......with an end result achieving a Silver Medal :)

Here I am with the Harefield Badminton winners, "Ogi Ogi Ogi...Oi Oi Oi..." :)

In the evening was a group meal with Harefield and St.heliers Hospital teams..70 people approx!! We all bombarded Garfunkels in Bath town centre...mmm...lush food and treated myself to a waffle toffee crunch...yum!! More indulgment...but after all that running about, do you blame me ;)

Sunday 22nd

Well here it is D-Day again..athletics day! Long Jump at 9am, 100m sprint 11.40 am and 200m in the afternoon.

3048 - Hey that's me above with my parents and a couple of friends (including, Fran all in black clothing), who has kindly been helping me with my training. Pushing me when I would say...pleassseeee NO more......but, I'm glad Fran did push me.

So, my first event was very early, admittedly I was quite stressed, having to register and be walked to where the sand part was (health & safety reasons). With about 5 minutes to find a toilet and be back in time. Pah......my first jump was the best and won me a Silver Medal (Yay)..the others were pathetic and got shorter and shorter. I didn't have much recovery time..so a little puffy..perhaps still stressed. But I'm not complaining.......

At the long jump

So a little time off before the 100m sprint race. OOoohhhh tough competition - kidneys and a now a liver girl!! This really is the most important out of all my events that I have been competing in. One that I have never won or even run past any girl that has had a kidney transplant. A dream that I dream of winning Gold, and feeling how fantastic that be....just a dream.

All of us ready at the start...then there is a problem with the gun...my nerves build and build. We are told to go back and wait for the starting gun again. Geesh...........and after maybe 5 minutes back at the line. 'On your marks...get set....BANG!!!!!!! of the Gun'

ROarrrrrrrrr here I am running for dear life, determination to get to the finish and no idea what/who/where anyone else is around me. Puffing and puffing.......YAY over the finish line and told I had WON!!!??? OMG!!! What!! I couldn't get my breath back for absolutely ages and Natalie (our Team Manager) was trying to talk to me/to ask me to do relay race. I just couldn't reply for a bit - soz Nat. I was almost in tears/so emotional...WOW.....and such a close race I was informed.

Apparently, I led to start with, and then all the girls flocked up right behind me...and I escaped by 1 second ahead!! WOW again, so happy and in shock...I Did it...I've DONE it, I've achieved my dream!!! Woohoo!! It has only taken me 4 years of determination and training to achieve this. Sorry if I'm rambling on so much...just this is a BiG deal for me, and if I never achieve gold in the 100m sprint again...I will always stay happy - knowing that once I had my dream fulfilled :)

200m opted out, too exhausted and totally done in from all the other events since Thursday. Infact, it didn't bother me...as in my eyes...I went out with a bang and nothing more I wanted to do or could anyways as shattered beyond belief.

I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with Jason Gardiner, MBE,Patron and Olympic Champion...I briefly told him my story. And he apologised as his eyes welled up....aww

And below is a group shot of 10 medals that I have achieved from both the earlier European Heart & Lung Transplant Games (6), along with these recent British Games (4 medals in total).

The evening was the Gala night - yummy foods, Baileys, dancing..less than 4 hrs kip.... Oh la la....party time it was!!! Always such a great night for everyone to dress up, let their hair down (so to speak), relax & unwind..eat, drink and be merry. A great social atmosphere full of fun and plenty of emotions - saying farewell until we all meet again next year. Not much more to say here, think I have written enough for this phase ;) x

Monday 23rd
Home sweet home, konked out 2hrs soon after got back - feeling like a zombie. So, there we have it.....all done and dusted. Another year of transplant games........another year still feeling grateful being alive and breathing. Long may this feeling stay. Good health to all who read this and lots of happy smiles to each of you. xxx