Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's the Final Countdown!

So here starts the last sailing write up before the major venture around part of the world. This weekend sees me sailing local waters in the final Clipper 11-12 refresher course (with:- Ali, Sara, Sarah, Emma, Cliff, Roy, and Tony). Joining those who are also on final legs on the race, and to go over any last concerns or simply being back on the water for remeberance.

Pictured here with Cliff, Ali and the pink lady (aka moi)

It's not all glamour on board - but reality of the loo!

No simply one step flush like at home - depending on what you do, depends how many pumps to flush through all the pipes........nice - eh ;)

For the weekend we had, Flavio (as our skipper) and seen here in his navigation quarters - the hub of this 60foot yacht. (The Clipper yachts in the race are 68foot).

And now welcome to the 'generator' room - although not really a room, as you need to crawl on your hands and knees to get into this little space and do checks as part of engine duties. Or as I called it, the naughty quarters - or even Alice in Wonderland...get in tiny - reappear human size again ;)

Below is Emma, Cliff (1st mate) and Roy hoovering around the galley - did someone say 'tea' :)

And without them, now you can see the gallery properly. All basic, but ready for that tea now!

And here we see the quaint the seating quarters and a stash of food stored...hands off the crisps ;)

So now you have seen the areas below deck and some faces joining me this weekend...lets check the exterior ;)

And here we have Sara below the main sail

And the starboard side of the yacht with a certain 'pink lady', Jussie removing a winch handle

So a little introduction to the yacht and some of the Clipper crew over -we all arrived on a Friday morning and had a de-brief, safety checks onboard the yacht, and went through elements we wanted to get out of this weekend. No 'watch' systems - just pure sailing and normal sleeping and eating :)

Leaving the marina I saw all the 'newbies' being shown onboard a training yacht to be trained for the Clipper 13-14 Race! That was surreal, as once upon a time that was me feeling all nervous, anxious, unsure what to expect (nothing has changed..lol). It was great being back on the water and setting sail again.

Oh and you want me to do a 'smiley' shot....

And if like magic another smiley shot at night :)

There was a lovely pace to this weekend and the people were lovely. All the basics were re-confirmed over and over again, and roles switched to have a feel for all aspects within sailing.
The weather was great too and the sea mild, so no big waves and enough wind for plenty of tacks/gybes - sails up/down and MOB (man overboard drills).

The navigation quarter and chart map to help plot routes.

All sailors need regular drink and food breaks, it's amazing how much energy IS utilised and you relish anything and everything! As demonstrated below in this photo :- chocolate, crisps, apples and table salt!? No idea...lol

It is best to consume mainly carbohydrate fuel type foods to sustain energy for longer and on my training also in the past...I became a pasta/rice junkie.

In true style, this weekend was back in early February and I am only using my memory (as I never wrote diary notes at the time) and these piccies are to remind me of what happened. Is old age creeping in? (or medications inducing early memory loss ;)

The next day, Saturday, I do recall however a change in the weather and sea state. Lots of rain and high waves. A few people found themselves sat by the back of the yacht singing into the waves (my polite way of saying - being sick).

What I love about keeping warm and protective clothing - you would know it's me - by my eyes ;) Peek - a - boo

Can you really tell it's me - this photo makes me chuckle..no idea what I was doing or maybe just starting to take the jacket off? who knows - only the moment when this piccie was taken.

Ali in charge of tea and coffee duties - choose one option and stick to it. It's not like, I wouldn't mind a tea in morning, then Oh I quite fancy a coffee in the afternoon, then before bed a tea with one sugar! Each skipper has his/her own set of rules, and as a team you work together and respect that as best as possible. Reason being to make things as easy as possible and keep a healthy team ethic.

Dressed for all weather conditions in the galley - or maybe I was about to remove a layer and start the hot drink duties for the team this weekend.

I do remember vaguely that we had two ok days with the weather and sea, but, the Saturday was more choppy and raining and harsher sea conditions. I was trying the patches for sickness behind my ears, they must have worked as a few others were kneeing over the back of the yacht (and for once I wasn't) phew.

Guess the crew members below ;)

Ali and I - girly chick chatty time :)

Here I am about to capture the man over board (MOB drill) except no real person - but a buoy attached to a rope.

He's alive - recovery done.

Whoop woo - more helming..which I don't mind now with more experience when the sea is calm. It's actually quite hard to do when rough seas as much more challenging - which scares me a little if control isnt quite as it should be.

Lovely group shot with eveyone a happy sunshine on us all :)

Sunday Sunday returning back to Clipper headquarters marina - ready for final deep clean and homeward bound once done.

Sob sob and that's it..........now just to wait for my time leaving the UK June 1st to embark on my biggest challenge since my double-lung transplant. I have been feeling a mix of emotions of excitement, fear, anxiousness, happy vibes and quite teary too. This will be MASSIVE for me and I think I'm starting to realise that the reality of it - is happening - and before I know it, I will be out there against the elements of the sea/weather. I am frightened too, but that fear overrides my zest of adventure/adrenalin buzz this will provide and hard to really explain how I feel.

I hope to be able to post once or twice more if possible.

Lotsa love lovely people and keep smiling xx