Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

B4/After NoroVirus + Other News!

BEFORE and AFTER: Beating NoroVirus

3 weeks after the virus,and my face resumes my "steriod look",geesh how thin did I get being ill again!

March has already started and now over! Just goes to show how fast my life goes and I need time to actually stop and write my blog. I feel I need work backwards.....into the last couple days of February whereby I spent "time" back in Harefield Hospital. I became very weak, and posted on Facebook this, to which my friends were saying to ring the hospital. Being the "I'm fine, will get well" stubborn lass.....I carried on thinking I'm invincable and no need to ring any hospital. Well, I was soon eating humble pie after loosing so much weight in a couple of days, unable to eat, and the toilet being my best friend. Hmmmmm....something so not right with me!

Lost almost half stone in a few days...look at the before and after photo....NB...it didn't take long to put the lost weight back on, and my face to fill out again. LOL, typical....

My first day/night in hospital nothing was done, to see if I would get better. I think after a food/drink chart was being done, and the fact - sorry for the honesty, I wasn't able to pee pee. Docs soon realised - my kidneys had stopped working too. GULP. No laughing matter!!!! A drug was administered through an IV line for about 6-8 hours to encourage what nature lets us do naturally. Nothing was happening, then, OMG..........niagara falls - eat your heart out! ;)

However, weight was till dropping off, and I wasn't able to eat, and my once King Kong appetite went puff in a flash for days. BAh, more IVS! 15 hours solid to rehydrate and all that jazz.

I haven't really that ill since a very long time. Chest infections, coughs etc, guess part of a low immune-system being post tx. I can deal with those much better (even though I do feel crap at the time-probably more than people with normal immunity/no health issues)..

Welcome to my room as below at the hospital, I was kept restricted and contained as with a bug/virus, so not to cross-contaminate. No one likes to be stuck in 4 walls, but guess I'm a pro at that,after many previous hospital stays for weeks or months like that in past :(

And the ever so charming commode potties, poor nurses had to weigh my pee pee, compared to the ivs I was given, to make sure enough fluids were going through my system,and my kidneys flushing out too!

I left hospital and carried on about my week, still weak, but started to re-gain my love for food. About a week past, and blow me down, I was having a take-two scenario of the virus all over again! My parents were away on holiday, and I didn't want to tell them of my ill patch, as I knew they would fly back. But, this was a trip that had wanted to do - even when my illness was at its worst. I would feel mortified destroying that dream, so just dealt with all this. I will be honest, this whole chapter was a wake up call! I joke and laugh, and say I'm invincable...this proved that one minute I am doing ok, the next I can get very sick again at a drop of a pin.

However, another life used - I'm still here - and I say - Bring it ON!!!

Other News - Rachel Wakefield and Paul Kirsop both have had double-lung transplants, and are doing well. Rachey is still in hospital and recovering with some blips, but that can happen after a transplant. Rachey is a dear friend of mine,who discovered me so to speak in an article from the Breathing Space Magazine. We instantly hit it off, and had many hours on msn,email,texts etc and I met up with Rachey for the first time in 2008. I am thrilled to see this happen to a dear mate.

In Brief - 2 months (gulp) until European Heart & Lung Transplant Games in Sweden, then 6 weeks after that, the British Transplant Games in Bath. Training is going as best as it can, being ill set me back quite a bit, but, I am determined to resume and continue. Also, my goal for this year is to learn Squash and compete at the British Games in August. People who have been following my journey for years, know that each year I am still alive - I set a new challenge to achieve. Last year, was the Bupa Great South 10mile run (never again, was too much - but, I did it)!

Still trying to do more with my art, it's a slow process - but one day, I will be recognised. Hopefully not as 'Justine Laymond, Lam Lung Artist' when my time runs out......I'm sure I will still have years to fulfill this dream/goal!? And get recognition in this lifetime!!!!!! :)

Ok Ok, think I better stop here....will be back also on BBC Essex Radio on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May, for update on my life 11.40am

Ahhhh, and I also need blog about an amazing day in London - meeting actors from the James Bond Movies and a night meeting Gino D'Acampo (Italian chef)...watch this space.....

Thanks for everyone's continual support. Big hugs and smiles all round x x x