Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Journals I wrote for Clipper Website - For Your Eyes :)

Hi everyone - these were two blogs I wrote onboard the EIC yacht whilst sailing around part of the world, and may not have been seen by people (from the Clipper website) - so decided to publish on my site too.  I have a poem still to upload, then also to write about the last part of the race from Netherlands back to Southampton, and the race finish day itself!! And lots more photos (took over 1,300+) but, will only upload some on here. If anyone wanted to donate still, my Just Giving Link is still running - if you would like too. Happy reading lovelies in the meantime. xx (Oh...I am glad to be home - hell yes!!) hahahahahaha
RACE 14 - DAY 3 - by Justine Laymond (Edinburgh Inspiring Capital)
I was hoping to blog on my sixth Transplant Anniversary (July 9th) – but I had better things to do. Spending the last two days bed bound with a private butler bringing me food in bed. Champagne and salmon en croute and a non-stop supply of my favourite mocha cookie crunch frappucinos... Hold up....as if – was a dose of sea sickness instead. Ironic really, as I was hoping to have no more encounters as per crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

I reckon there is nothing worse, when you haven't been able to eat or barely drink, and your stomach still has that throwing up motion with nothing to say hello too into a bucket. Needless to say, it's a horrible feeling and a few others suffered too. Think I was champion over these days with most amount of reaching and making some horrific noises from reaching and my stomach being tumbled dried inside and out. To my surprise no one heard.....or maybe being polite. If  I'm honest, I was worried about my medications not being able to stay down and missed some dosages that my body requires to keep me alive (in basic terms). I lay in my bunk very tearful and could not see a light at the end of a tunnel.

However, I do remember a night torch being shone in my face as Piers our skipper tried to reassure me the rough seas would change in 2,3,4,5,then 6 hours – did he realise he did a number increase, perhaps he should have started from 6 deducting instead..lol. But, I said get plans in motion to get me off the boat. At this moment I thought, yes, now I am in game over and had had enough and was not happy and couldn't bear at all how I was feeling. I guess I am a fighter and just tried to continue...

The next day, out of my bed, smoother sea and a big happy Jussie smile re-lit my rosy cheeked face. It's difficult to eat when no food is consumed over 2 days as the stomach shrinks. But...when the appetite does come back...Woohoo! Happy Days!

I had written a poem to read that day in respect of my donor, never had the opportunity. But here it is for everyone to read.

Thank you for life
Waking up smiley
No worries no strife
I think of you highly
Placed into my body -
By a surgeon's knife.
We are as one
Unified as whole
One aim – one common goal
Ambitions, drive, challenging roles
Enjoying life whilst can
It isn't forever -
So you gave me a plan....
And I do all and
As much as I can
Breathing for you
Living for you
Loving life for you
Your an amazing man
You've extended my life
I want to carry on with colourful hair
Be the longest living blue rinse – Granny Lungs Yer Yer, you heard it here first ;) xx
RACE 13 - DAY 5 - by Justine Laymond  (Edinburgh Inspiring Capital)
Wow! Where do I start? It certainly has been a roller-coaster for me and perhaps for the other leggers who joined Leg 8. The first part of the race from New York to Halifax was like a smooth introduction to get back into the swing of things. Weather and sea like a dream. But, I guess good things don't last forever.

We all only had a few days to enjoy Halifax and I saved one day to combine Media/PR worked I had organised. Not realising I would make front page news of their National newspaper, and appearing on two TV shows. It was great fun and definitely raised the profile of Organ Donation, LAM disease (the rare condition I have) and naturally for the Clipper race itself. I was quite overwhelmed on race departure, as a lady came to see me to say her husband died and she consented for his organs to save the lives of others, and wanted to meet me, as a recipient of donation. Needless to say we both cried -it was very moving. Even on a day out to Peggy’s Cove, I had people coming up to talk to me – you are the lady on the newspaper....I saw you on TV etc... And lots of people wished me luck. I am grateful for all this as my nerves for a two week journey sailing across the Atlantic fills me fear, and all I want is to keep well. So, with that in mind...Goodbye Halifax and welcome the Atlantic Ocean.

So here we go.....woohoo! All wearing our sexy kilts with underwear (was a tad windy) ;)

I seemed OK up until eating dinner, then oh dear running for the heads and vomiting like crazy. The next two days I was so poorly & bed bound unable to eat, drink and lost my appetite for three days. True to say, I felt crap and really hoped I would pass this corner and get better. Thankfully, I had Darius (transplant surgeon) and Niamh (Paramedic) keeping tabs on me. Well – what an intro to the rough seas ahead. But, I am a fighter and wanted to get through this and make land! (Just a lot of days still to go).

Hurray...mmmmm...food! Finally, I felt able to eat again and stuffed a delicious lunch and dinner cooked by Paul and Martyn. Jussie is BACK!! It is quite difficult adjusting to the watch systems, lack of sleep, and if I'm honest I am feeling quite drained and exhausted (and it really does take it of me and my body). But, I am also lucky that my crew are very supportive. On some occasions I have found myself out of breath (hard to explain for people who don't what it is like to have a lung condition).

But, again, I am stubborn and continue forward and want it all to be rock and roll!! So watch this space.....come on Ireland – I am ready for YOU!

Being ill again is NOT an option...so with all my Grrrrrrrr...I WILL complete this part of the race and make Ireland bouncing around with my usual smiles. Xx