Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Monday, 2 March 2009

February Frolics

Woohooo..what a great month February was! I celebrated yet again another Birthday - 36 and an extra Birthday thanks to my donor. I still think of the man who lost his battle and saved mine. Infact, there probably isn't a day when I don't. Almost as if he IS now me, and a part of who I am. He is what motivates me and keeps me living and smiling and appreciating every extra day. Long may I live.

I feel like a kid - even though I am not a child anymore..it's really hard to explain..or maybe not. To know you are dying - then to be given a gift that turns your life to one of normality and like everyone else's...everything and anything excites me. I relish every day...all that I can do....like a bee buzzing and slurping up all life's rich honey.

WOW..another Birthday...so I must celebrate!! So on my actual Birthday (12th) , I had few mates over and cooked a lasagna of all lasagnas.....went to London the following weekend for a meal and clubbing night. Finally - a group Birthday celebration with sum other chicks from work - by which we all went into the local town. I have had such an amazing time this month. I have danced, eaten, chatted, giggled, and loved any minute seeing my friends...

The last Birthday prior to my transplant was a very different scenario.......

I remember being treated to see a show, Circe De Soleil...a fab acrobatic circus act in London..that night my lung collapsed and I woke up during the night...screaming at my parents to wake up! I told my Dad my funeral wishes..inbetween gasping for air to help me breathe...I could feel my body shutting down.....what a horrific and scary time...to which I induced into a three week coma. So..I guess you can now see, why every Birthday that I get to celebrate - truly..truly delights me...and why maybe I don't act my age - and why I feel like a kid!

Also February, has been a positive month getting back into my fitness again. I guess I slipped for almost 3 months of doing nothing...partly being ill before Christmas..enjoying the festivities and foods..YUm!!! Then loosing my confidence to start up again and when I did try again in the gym, I felt totally deflated as all I had achieved..had now lost :(

However......I do and can pick myself up again. My donor tells me off..and I know that I will not do well if I don't keep myself and my lungs healthy by being a lazy pudding slacker! What actually helped kick start me..was joining a 6 week beginner's running course, which will also go towards helping me with my half marathon in October. The running group, is a small group of women only, and more 1-2-1 coaching is given as opposed to me slogging away in the gym with no coaching. I guess I need help..as much as I can get and encouragement along the way. Sometimes, I get frustrated still with my breathlessness - BUT it is no means how my life used to be and I AM very grateful. Guess I just wish I was a super duper runner, who could run easily for 10 miles and not need stop/start as I do now. But...I know even if I do walk and run..whatever I do...WILL be a huge achievement for me.

I would also like to thank the fitness team at the gym, who have given me support along the way, I really appreciate it - especially to Fran (who also coaches the running course) and Alan.E (who is such a good motivator) - thank you both. x

I am also starting a 5 week street dance course, and Badminton (just tried twice recently) - to which I hope to get onto a Badminton course soon (in April). And also once a week do Body Balance (which is a combination of:- yoga,pilates, and tai chi combined) to help with my flexibility and stretching.

But what about the pudding slacker? No more Miss "I've got to have a sweet dessert or cake every day"....eating lots salads and healthier foods...avoiding alcohol now (not that I drank much in the first place). I have just re-adjusted my foods from last week, and it's amazing how exercise/healthier foods really DOES make you feel "ontop of the world" and that with a 2nd chance on life...every day is like "WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo"!!!

Finally, my wishes goes to my cousin who has recently had a cornea transplant, a body part that some people think of not donating. If he takes to it - which I'm positive he will..then he will regain his eyesight and not become blind. Amazing amazing.

Over n out lovelies...roll on more happy days x x x

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