Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Monday, 22 July 2013

It's TIME to FLY

Well here it is.... my final journal as I depart on July 25th as part of Team GB in the WTG -World Transplant Games. After 2 flights I will arrive into Durban, South Africa on 26th July sometime in the afternoon. Jet lagged or not, let the good times roll ;)

The actual games start on 28th July until 4th August and I will be competing in ladies badminton doubles, mixed badminton doubles, shot put, discus and lawn bowls. I have been training hard in my specialist sports and lawn bowls is something different for fun yet still competitive. Aswell, as my sports I have also been boosting my fitness with EBC - Essex Boot Camp (which replaced initially the gym from late last year).

ready for badminton


shot put

So major thanks to Glynn and James directors of Essex Boot Camp, EBC website and all the instructors for helping me. My badminton coach Michael Kilbey and athletics coach Brian MacKenzie Brian's website - thank you all so Very Much!!!

I will update my Facebook and Twitter accounts (@lamlungartist) as and when I can with updates, and those with my contact number can text me using whatsapp if you would like to contact me this way whilst away (duration of 3 weeks in total).

Upon returns, I will also update a blog on here about my World Games venture :)

Thanks again to everyone who has donated on my justgiving link, for anyone who would like to still to donate for Transplant Sport UK whilst I am away. The link is JustGiving here. Thanks, and as they say every little helps xxx

Also, some people already know, that these will be my last transplant games. There are a few reasons, mainly that I am tired and exhausted pushing my body sometimes training 5 times a week. I also feel that a new chapter in my life has begun, and I would like to try new and different sports/challenges. My eyes have been opened since joining Essex Boot Camp to military style outdoor training and activity days out. Also, massive thanks to EBC being my sponsors for World Tranplant Games.

I have already put myself forward for Rat Race (May 2014) which I'm doing half the course consisting of 13 miles and 150 obstacles. I know I can't run this and do the obstacles as my puff will go. So, have already said to myself I will walk 13 miles and attempt as many of the obstacles as I can. I will also be doing a 10 mile run (jog/walk) with an inspiring heart transplantee friend John Fisher who lives in Sweden. John and I will discuss later this year whether we do a 10 mile run where he lives or in the UK, again for 2014.

I have also signed up for a 6 week pole dance course in September and if I am any good will keep this going aswell at the bootcamp. I want to now enjoy exercise for keeping fit/fun. I do not want to push my body with competitive sports to an extreme and to lead a normal life exercising 2-3 times a week and not 5 or even sometimes 6!

The transplant community is still a BIG part of my life and always will be. I hope to maintain social events within the transplant games/be a spectator and carry on raising awareness on Organ Donation and LAM disease.

By having more 'me' time, I hope to finally try and resume my biography which is taking like forever as I am always SO busy!!! I also think it is about time I had time to meet someone too. My lifestyle has been that it's too manic to contemplate a boyfriend and even my social life with friends has taken a knock back as if I am training, I cancel a lot of fun times out.

This Needs to change, and after competing in UK, European and now my 2nd World Games (South Africa) - it is time to retire as an athlete, lol. Time for me to get my life back and have time for other things to pursue :)

Lastly, TNLAR - The National Lottery Annual Run which took place on Sunday 21st July, a 5 mile run ending up in the Olympic Stadium. It was a truly amazing day, and something I was urming and umming about actually doing as so close to flying to South Africa. In the end, I was like what the hell - a chance in a lifetime to end up running in the Olympic Stadium. Also, a great bunch of people from EBC going too. I was in the pink wave starting last, and was happy that I managed to changed waves to a faster group (not that I would or could be faster) hahaha. But, nice that I was able to start with most people in this wave already.

at start of race

The first 2 miles I was all gung ho, here I go - and funny as everyone run way past me and then I saw EBC peeps the other side approaching me. I had thought just step across a cut a mile out ;) But, kept going and by the time I had been where they was and saw me. I was like, WOW, these people are fast and had done 2 miles to my almost 1 mile!

pit stop required mile 3 
Quite apt I saw this on a wall as we were running (me walking) as in the photo below

running to mile 3 right, running to mile 4 on left side

The atmosphere was electric and also with music/bands at various points on the circuit. When I felt a lull, the music really did lift my adrenalin and another short burst before my puff needed to be resumed.

You know I am in awe of my friends and those who can run for miles and miles and don't need to stop to breathe. What does that feel like to do this?? What does it feel like to run and run and run and keep running and not struggle? I know it's daft I'm just wanting to be able to run a mile non-stop, this still hasn't happened...I will NOT give up and keep trying. Just, I never know from one day to the next how I will be. I am NOT a quitter and will live in hope :)

There were 11,839 runners on the day......find out later where I finished any guesses?

go go me.....

whoop here I am on the finishing track

Wow, final 100m to go!!

Approaching the stadium, all runners were lead through a tunnel and the crowd noise was played through, I think from Mo Farah's race. So, upon entering the stadium and seeing everyone was a euphoric moment. I wanted to run, yet, I also wanted to take pics on my phone!!

at end of race

medal :)

So.......I ended up from 11,839 runners coming in as position 11,807 being 32nd from last in 1 hour 26 minutes and 06 seconds!! I was happy with that, and it averages out as 17.2 minutes per mile. One EBC chap did his run in 33 minutes (Pete) truly amazing!!!! WOW!! A great day and thanks also to my parents being there too to watch.

Finally, I also celebrated my 7th year post double lung transplant on July 9th in National Transplant Week this year. I was busy also trying to raise awareness and I appeared in 3 newspapers (The East Anglian Daily Times, The Essex Chronicle and The Chelmsford Weekly News). It was also amazing to meet para-Olympian Danny Crates for an hour long radio interview BBC Essex Inspirational Essex show.

hate seeing how I used to look in the middle :(

Today I am happy

special cake made for me :)

Jo and Barry Laymond, my parents

To be an Organ Donor please click on this link NHS Organ Donation Thanks :)

Well, from what intended to be a short update as usual has become an essay, apologies. Whatever my outcome upon returning home from South Africa - I am winner as alive, any medals just a bonus of that. Obviously, it would be a nice way to retire with a medal - otherwise I will happily accept chocolate medals from you all :) xx

Over and out gorgeous people xx

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  1. Once again, you astound and inspire me! Your whole life is a celebration of life! Wishing you the best of luck in the games. Stay safe.
    Love, Mo xxx