Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lactic Rush

How about a normal casual Sunday morning...waking up for a coffee and a bowl of cereal, newspapers, lazying about in bed. Having a nice chilled out day. Not Me! I was about to set upon another challenge, called, Lactic Rush - a 7 mile course with 30 obstacles. In the end, it turned out to be a distance of about 9 miles. I was totally exhausted and unable to move upon returning home.Standard for a Sunday, lol.

So, the build up to this event was seeing me trying to accustom my body to a 7 mile distance with interval training over a period of weeks leading up to Lactic in May. Thanks to all my friends who helped me out, and for the coffee/food chats after. It was not easy, and at times very frustrating and as usual wishing that I was able to run continuously without having to stop. I think the most I achieved in interval training was approx 5 miles and then having to walk the rest due to exhaustion.

The power of the mind is a great tool, and my determination always wins and sees me through. You will hear more about this, especially taking part in Lactic Rush.

I had no idea what the course route would involve except knew to expect mud and water. I have a fear of water too and know my lungs restrict (the airways close) as the cold goes into chest. But, I was still not deterred as knew I could walk round instead of entering any water obstacles.

The first part of the course I did try my interval training of jog/walk, but after so many obstacles and a constant moving into low ditches to coming out high was utilizing my energy. So, I totally gave up running and walked the whole way - if I felt a little burst - I would try for like a few seconds, lol.

Here I am at the start with Nicola and Kim

and looks like I am stamping ants at the warm up taken by Glynn

Here we go through the mud

swamp like most of the way round

I have included some photos taken to show what it was like and some of the layout that followed. You will see that it was not easy and I was left behind by most, hahaha.

Scott Smith and I and below his story

This information was taken from Scott Smith's justgiving link.....6 years ago at the age of 28 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. After a rather large operation and 6 tough years of recovery, I am now at 34 stronger than ever!
I am competing in Lactic Rush (a 7.5 mile cross country run and assault course) simply because I never thought I would ever be able to do something like this. Surviving Cancer has taught me that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.
 I wasn't running for a charity simply for my own sense of achievement. A few people began to say that they would like sponsor me, and couldn't think of a better charity.
I was one of the lucky ones who because of these charities and all their hard work was diagnosed early. Allowing me 6 years later to do something stupid like compete in Lactic Rush! (The first of many such events I plan to complete in 2013) Unfortunatley not everyone is as lucky as I was. If you can your donations will not be to support a worthy charity but to also show my son that anything possible. It will also be a donation to honour the people close to us we have all lost to Cancer.
Scott and I started chatting through Facebook, and even though our journeys have been and were completely different, a sense of mind connection through the various emotions one feels experiencing a scary illness. It was great to meet Scott and I get inspired also by people and thanks Scott. Keep Rocking! :)

Sam and Craig who helped me towards the end of Lactic

See me....trying to slim down through the tyres
The course was almost over, and my energy levels were totally deflated and my puff on it's last legs almost, such a long route and draining me. The marshals were amazing and kept coming round to check I was ok as I was mostly on my own and so far behind everyone else. I was being offered water and chocolate too :)

I was also being offered alternative routes to cut shorter the distance and to avoid obstacles. In the end out of 30 obstacles I only missed out 4. The main one that concerned me was going down a slide into a muddy water pond. I can't get any mud or dirty water in my lungs...so that a definite no no! There were also large mounds like little mountains and I was told to walk round them. I said no....got a few shocked looks, hahaha....and up I went.....phew...puff...gasp of breath......but I got there and went down the other side smiling :)

Thumbs Up on the haystack :)

Whoop over I go

YAY! Getting to the finish line!!!!!
Thanks to the other bootcamp chaps Sam and Craig (from their own bootcamp site) helping lots at the end. I guess I knew I would be on my own and had a couple of people with me at the start. But, I did say go on as I would not be able to keep up. At times, I got upset and frustrated but used that mentality to keep me pushing and get to the finish. I was over 3 hours completing this race and the slowest female (no surprises there) and lunch time had way passed. I just want to finish! I am NOT giving up!

At one point there was another group of people helping me and even waiting for me until I arrived at some obstacles to see me through. One I actually walked in the water and then turned round to walk out. I don't know who this man was...but he encouraged me to turn back around and try. It was my most fear and a river neck deep and I knew my breathing would struggle.......he knew about my transplant, and actually helped me and coached me how to breathe each time the cold got into my lungs. He could see me I guess panic or breathing go shallow and was amazing....... I actually managed to get to the other side. Even the marshal was gobsmacked.
I've done it!

Team EBC

Thanks to those who waited for me to finish. It was great to also see Glynn and James the EBC directors wave me in :) And thanks also to Mike and Judit who made sure I was ok and got me a hamburger as I hadn't eaten for a long time. Thanks :)
Also, massive thanks to Rebecca who drove me there and back and even made me the most amazing chocolate cake as you can see in the photo below!! YUM!!

It's true to say, exhaustion upon returning home and the next few days was inevitable as I had put my body through a lot. However, as usual another huge achievement ticked off!

Well, soon I depart for South Africa on July 25th to compete in the World Transplant Games as part of Team GB/NI. I will write another little journal in the next couple of weeks. If anyone would like to still donate please click on this justgiving link thanks for Transplant Sport UK.

Thanks for everyone's support and to all at Essex Boot Camp - so glad I have found this fitness group.

Over and Out lovelies

Much love as always xxx

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