Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Thursday 10th June

Okie dokie here I am on this day (as below) red curly locks infront of another art painting of mine. My life is stored with art here,there and everywhere. My flat+my parents home, are both resembling that of galleries! Family/friends have my art work (the lucky ones given a painting or bought -not so lucky ones....hahaha), some under my couch,spare cupboard....parents loft (..aren't parents for storage space....) tee hee and so forth. Oh the days, for all this work to be really discovered and worth a bob or two :)

So excuse my cheesy grin, and now onto other news......
And now unto the Abba part.....hmmm...where do I begin? The Abba Sisters, I first saw them at Bengal Paradise (an Indian restaurant) with my parents on a night out for a curry with them. WOW!! Chicken dansak and a sing-a-long with 2 girls wearing Abba costumes,wigs and dancing/singing sensation! So, totally different, and like nothing I've ever seen before. Both ladies making the audience interact with dancing, singing back into their microphone. Not only singing sweetly but humour within their act, and hearing many a crackles inbetween slurps of drink and mouthfuls of curry/rice.

I was so impressed by them, that stayed in contact and hoped to organise a suprise for them to entertain at my Dad's 70th back in March. To cut a long story short, it never happened, and I wanted to bear them in mind for any future events...or charity events that I may organise on a large scale. However, my parents still in awe like me, and we do like a good gossip...so starting the word, to which we mentioned them to another restaurant called, Nolita's - a yummy Italian style place.

And great news to hear, that Nolita's booked them, and so we all wanted to watch them perform again. I would like emphasize, that the girls are very talented and also perform other acts, please take a look at their website below. Why not check their website, and think if you are able to book them, you won't be disappointed!!!

Sing Out Sisters Website

Here is my Dad (in black) having a boogie with the Abba girls (above) and whoopsie there is me with the chicks (below)

Friday 11th/Saturday 12th
This weekend, was spent in Nottingham for the annual LAM meeting, whereby the few lam ladies that there are (or who can make it) attend this get together for social, fun, and updates on lam disease...drug trials, research, fundraising etc...

I drove up on the Friday night, and decided would join the other lam ladies, family/friends for a meal in the evening. Normally, I'm too tired and thought this year, as I was driving from a location only 2 hours away would be fine. Ha! Typical....I was stuck on the m1 for 4 hours!!!!! And, I only arrived at 6.50pm, and a taxi was collecting everyone from the hotel to dinner at 7pm! Talk about a quick turn around and being extra.tired.com!!!!! But, I still came out, and glad I did to actually spend more time getting to talk with lammies never met before.

The only time, I was quiet.....was as in the photo below......... stick a burger bun in my mouth...YAY...Jussie is silenced!!! ;) and here is what the meal started off as, yummy!!!!

So, finally I crashed about midnight, and woke up from a not-so-good sleep (part of my life now)...breaky done, and time to get to the meeting point. Very informative day and tiredness got the better of me (as usual) so sneaked out to crash in my car for 20mins.

I also brought along some of my art work + jewellery and for 35% of sales to go for LAM Action. Three of my necklaces were sold and a piece of art (and happy it has gone to a good home).

It was such a lovely day, and as said besides the history/updates of LAM, nice to chat with other lammies and give each other hope & encouragement. Then a 3 hour drive for me to get home. Quick service station break on route - coffeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Monday 14th

So today, (Monday), I was invited nearly 1.5 years ago to attend the Birthday party for the Women's Institute as a guest speaker, from being seen at a Rotary Club talk on Lam+Organ Donor Awareness. I must admit, I was quite flattered to be asked to go to an event so far in the future, then for it to be finally upon me! I drove to Clacton-On-Sea to a little village, and went into a hall with about 100 women (just aswell I'm not shy) as they were all my audience!!

Some people say to me, how can I talk to so many people? Or, I couldn't do that...but, I love talking.......if you haven't already noticed, and don't have stage fright so to speak, and enjoy talking to the mass, especially about something so true and close to my heart. Also, knowing that this will help spread the message about what I do & help raise awareness.

Below is my promo table with information on being a donor + Lam, and also photos that show my journey before and after my transplant for the ladies to view.

And if you look closely here, you will see me infront of the curtains with a microphone speaking out. All eyes were on me, at times, I did a little dance..put humour into my talk..to try and deviate from the 'sad' parts that I had to say + were necessary to outline my plight fighting for life. I really don't like mentioning all the hard times, lung collapses, being in a coma etc.....but, necessary to witness how a transplant can transform a person's life. At times, I felt like a comedian.....was heckled a couple of times...loved the banter and replied back to questions asked with a smile.

Afterwards, I was approached on how moving my talk was, and amazed about all I had endured, and people commented on my positive attitude. I was quite overwhelmed, humbled, and plain happy that tonight really DID make a difference. One lady even said, "You are nicer than any celebrity"......I said, "Can I have that in writing please" and we both laughed, though knowing she was being sincere. Guess, I never expected a reaction like that. Also for some people telling me, I won't grumble any more, or even complain about a cold.....
So, another evening done and dusted....drive home now...feeling lil emotional..........
Thanks for reading this.
Next post, hopefully me winning GOLD in Sweden for the European Heart & Lung Transplant Games (June 25th-July 5th)
Big smiles to each of you x x x

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