Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

3 weeks!!

Mega quick update, as I have been without my laptop for 3 weeks. The local library has been a blessing - for the "one hour" a day allowance..lol.

Well, the much questioned magazine - is the BOOTS, health & Beauty magazine page 93. Boots are now making their advantage card also a donor card..YAY! It's an article using my story and little photo of me..aww.

3 weeks until my UK transplant games....oooooooo...errrr....Time flying too quick!!

And, can u believe it - today is my 3rd year of my transplant anniversary!! My life was saved 3 years ago - today - WOW! I still can't believe it!

Also, in my local Essex Chronicle this week (page 13) and I will update link soon.

And, I will be doing a LIVE radio interview about 9.10am on Friday 10th for BBC ESSEX :- 103.5 or 95.3 FM or online at bbc.co.uk/essex.

I will also be celebrating my 3rd year transplant tonight with my family and again with some close friends this Saturday
at Thorpe Park.

To sad news, about my dearest friend, Marc Prosser died this week. I am so gutted and cut up about this. Marc was going to run with me in my first ever 10 mile marathon this October. Marc had Cystic Fibrosis and his decline was unexpected and extremley rapid. He will be missed by many. I miss ya Marc, and will run in your honour, along with Imi who is also running with me at the Bupa Great South Run.
So..to round up....have a great week everyone. Please do not moan about silly things, and really appreciate your life - take nothing for granted. Thanks x x

Can't beleive I am still breathing with someone else's lungs.

Bye all x x x

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  1. Congatulations honey! Great stuff with Boots supporting the organ register-woo hoo! Excellent stuff! I am very sad to hear about the loss of your friend. It must have been a real shock. Your work, dedication and spirit really is helping so many people. Keep rocking girl!!