Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Goodbye Canada time to sail #Atlantic ocean

Well I made it from New York to Halifax in Nova Scotia! And tomorrow I sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland!!

My first 5 days of sailing from New York - after an emotional farewell & lots of tears, time to face my reality ahead and no going back. I guess I was lucky that the sea and weather was quite calm, and no scary moments. It was good to bring me back into the sailor way of life. ..watch systems, mother/engineer roles, lack of sleep and refreshing sailing actions. I did find the watch systems through the night extremely exhausting on my body and after 2 nights of this, shattered! It was a struggle and hard to stay awake, but somehow I did.

The crew are fabulous and some/most I have met before at training or other events, and even the skipper for this leg 8 (Piers) is very understanding, a good leader and a people's person. Piers' gives good guidance and knows how to work/build us all as a team to get optimum performance. It was such a close race, and we came 4th with 13seconds to the yacht taking 5th position. Talk about nail biting and extreme cheers and shouts as we learned of our position. An amazing introduction to my first part of the race within this leg. I only had one night, the night before we arrived, whereby I felt unwell - but saw it through and the next day, was back ON IT! :)

So much has happened, and I'm trying to remember all - but just writing snip bits for now. I have taken many photos and a blog when I'm back in the UK will be written up and YES lots of photos then. But, for now - you will have to just feel for what/how it is like through my writing.

I did enjoy my time in New York, seeing great people, sightseeing, shopping, over eating - think I should stop this though ;)

On arrival in Halifax, Nova Scotia - and mooring up, I saw my parents walking on the pontoon!!?? I remember seeing them last in New York and saying see you back in England. But, this was a surprise they had planned - and WOW, I was gobsmacked and totally delighted. Just means, they will say farewell again when I depart from Halifax to get to Ireland. I did ask if they were going to surprise me there, and the answer was no..lol x

My first night was spent in a hotel - room service for food and then sleep!! I totally wiped out - my body was craving sleep time and lots of it!!! Lovely to have a warm shower too, and some luxuries unlike any of which are on board the yacht.

I only have had a few days in Nova Scotia, and not much time for exploring - more for rest time and media work. On 13th June was spent with interviews from 2 TV shows (CTV Morning Live; CBC Radio; Chronicle Herald newspaper, all being aired/published 14/6/12). Then a final drive to the CTV Studios for the show 'Live at 5', which was a great experience. All the production team/anchor men/women were very friendly and in awe of my story. It was nothing like I expected - comfy chairs and a 1-2-1 with Bruce Frisko (Anchor) and somewhat relaxed like being interviewed as if a celebrity. At the end, Bruce said 'you didn't need me' and how well I did.  I really hope all this media helps the continued awareness campaign on Organ Donation (as well as LAM disease and for the Clipper race itself).

Also, whilst in New York, I did do a Skype interview for a National USA Yachting Magazine (which should be published in August) and was requesedt for a follow up story upon my returns to the UK. And, I still need to do another write up (my column for Yachting World - UK online website). Busy busy!!!! Not forgetting all the PR I did before leaving the UK (local newspapers, radio, magazines in Essex and Herts; and specialist sailing magazines/websites).

I spent my last day in Nova Scotia exploring Peggy's Cove - stunning! And I was quite overwhelmed by people recognizing me from being on the TV/in the newspaper and coming up to talk to me, and wish me luck - it was lovely. And continuing with my awareness campaign. I made front page of the national paper - which I never expected (link below)

I guess I am overwhelmed still with everything and appreciate all the love and support from all and everyone. My love and gratitude back to each of you. I am so thrilled to have set up satellite communication on board the yacht, and is wonderful to hear from people. My brother, Gavin is controlling this for me and collecting messages in one email and if I send an email back forwarding to those on my list. Also, Gavin is kindly updating my Twitter account if I send updates via satellite and then passing this onto my friend Andy (who is updating my Facebook). 

Well, I reckon my next blog update will be when in Ireland after an epic journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I am anxious, and feeling every emotion possible to any human being. I just hope to be able to do this, and stay well. And that the sea/weather is kind to me and the rest of the crew/skipper on EIC (Edinburgh Inspiring Capital).

This is my biggest part of my journey and I need all the luck in the world for this, and for my crew too x

Lots of love to you all


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fun times with #LAM sisters & Ducky

A busy day in Times Square - Wow! Mega!!! Like London but on a much bigger scale & everything over the top.
I'm starting to relax & enjoy my time here before the sailing part starts. Feel the lifestyle here & food :)

It was so hot yesterday too! Saw some Clipper friends, met my skipper, chatted with Clipper management ...., it's all go go!!

Also before I left England, I had arranged to meet some of my LAM sisters at a famous cheesecake restaurant called, Juniors. What a wonderful time & meeting those chatted with over the years. A day I will never forget! In the UK, there are about 120 women with LAM disease & here in USA about 1,200.

Also, my lovely friend, Kate joined us too (Ducky). Too much food & lots of chat + giggles :)

By 8pm I was exhausted & needed to chill.

Today I am meeting my friend, Emily from Washington & first stop is Ground Zero. Time to pay my respects after 9/11 tragedy xx

Breathing happy :) xx

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 1 in #NewYork

It's 5am & I'm lying in bed with tears rolling down my face. I don't expect people to really understand how overwhelmed I'm feeling by everything .

My last couple days before leaving the UK were quite stressful, ensuring my life was sorted for the next 2 months. Also, confirming media work for NYC & Nova Scotia. I'm very excited for Nova Scotia as I have lined up breakfast TV , 5 live news, radio & a major newspaper . I'm going to be busy promoting organ donation & the rest.

It has been wonderful to re-unite with friends again from the Clipper crew for drinks & food.

Later today, I'm meeting my LAM ladies & Kate 'Ducky' & maybe some sightseeing.

Jussie xx

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