Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sailing Memories on the Longest Day in June

Imagine an image that never ends, open waters, rehydrated
food for crew that survive on this for days on end. This is not the never ending story but in fact the longest day in June (on a repeat button). A team of strangers trained to operate a 68 foot yacht, live without glamour or luxuries. A far cry away from any TV, radio, or social networking sites for days, weeks and a crammed solace to eat,live, and sail.Our day consists on a shift pattern of on/off watches, mothering duties (food); engineering (cleaning out bilges,maintenance of yacht); sailing on watch and much needed sleep off watch.

Where could you envisage a day watching the earth's natural habitat of life in real motion time. Seeing sunrise and sunset crossing the Atlantic Ocean. A time to experience all weather elements and nowhere to hide. No
shelter and just to embrace the rain and waves crashing down on our
foulies – the splashes hitting our eyes (the only visible space showing).
Looking out onto the sea, and having the most gorgeous dolphins squeaking
and swimming with us as our yacht pounds through the water. I step forward
to the bow and see the dolphins doing their little 'chase me' dance as
they pop out of the water showing off one by one, then a few together. 

How lucky are we to be in nature's world and not watching a wildlife program on TV. This beats any show, then also to witness whales too – wow! A vision of pure beauty up close and personal. Have no fear, because the sea
around has life and is watching us to! Curious as to what immense form
speeds readily through their territory. 

Even birds fly around and occasionally come on-board to say hello and fly in/around our sails/deck area where we chat and sometimes slurp on a much needed hot tea.

The day is a routine but with variety:- new conversations, wondering what
food we will be eating; by adding water or from tins. Lack of sleep,
trying to get ready/dressed, even going to the toilet is a challenge when
the yacht is on an angle – hold on tight, its a a 45' angle!

Can you hear us laughing echoing out into the wide Ocean hoping for a glimmer of land, but knowing maybe another 8 days yet for such luck. Our sounds like baby
whispers dissolving into the air, hear us then with a flash as the wind
forces us forward...that chapter lost forever (except in our memories).
I for one feel very lucky to be writing this blog on the longest day of
the year, as my life has been extended thanks to a double-lung transplant
in 2006. I appreciate every day, like it's my last and absorb every sight,
sound, smell, image around me. Today is no ordinary day, but one of pure
beauty and challenge as I breathe in fresh sea air. My emotions sometimes
getting the better of me without the crew knowing I am wondering/hoping
that I get to face another day/ live to tell the tale for next year's
longest day of the year.

Live and cherish every day, don't take things for granted, and try and live your dreams. Love those around you and be kind – enjoy, smile, and bring laughter into your life. Today may be the longest day of the year, use it in reaching for your goals/ambitions. Time for me to get back on deck parade a smile to my crew, hope for a good last hour before I settle in another dosage of galley goodness and a few hours sleep, ready to get going and say. YES, I AM still ALIVE for today!

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