Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Harefield Hospital Fun Run

Here I am with Natasha who has had a double lung and heart transplant 10 years ago - wow!

So me and my 'double-lungs' still baby years growing in at 5 years post transplant...I have some catching up to do!!

Every year, I attend the annual Harefield Hospital Fun Run Fundraiser day and normally run a stall as most people know. This year, I wanted to simply enjoy it for what it was...take part in the run and have no pressures setting up/organising a stall. Also, that my life has been so manic and busy with world transplant games..sailing training etc..and I just need to say 'no' to doing some things. I am slowly learning to do this - though somewhat hard to at the same time...but necessary to allow my body 'rest' times too.

There are hundreds of people every year supporting this event from patients, staff, relatives and this year had exactely 1007 people turn up!

It was fabulous to see Shakin' Stevens, who was going to start the run and I manage to sneak a photo opportunity with him and have a little natter. What a lovely person too :)

The run consisted of two courses (1.5 miles and 3 miles), completing them as many times as you like - once round perhaps being plenty for me. I was unsure how much I did actually want to do so had in mind 1 mile and then see how I felt on the day. My friend, Rich ran with me and we supported each other as to when one of us wanted to stop for a rest or encourage to run to a certain landmark such as run to a tree or lamp post. This process worked well and helped me when I was breathless and needed to be able to breathe normally again. I know many people still don't realise I have breathing issues as can hide it very well (look down...look away....take deep breaths and look back when 'normal' again). And being stationary talking to people is fine....exercise tends to make me be this way..but, I exercise to keep my 'lungs' alive/working and muster through!

All money raised from this day is going to the hospital's appeal for a new MRI scanner. The overall goal is to raise £1.5 million to purchase a state of the art scanner and having this will mean that all patients, regardless of their state of health, will benefit from this technology. The scanner will be used for diagnosis and treatment as well as research into heart and lung failure. So far over £1 million has been raised and how wondeful is that.

The day consisted of various things from children's races; fancy dress; aerobics warm up before the run with Shakin Stevens starting the race; Bollywood dancing; team tug of war; and other fun activities/trophy awards/raffle prizes.

And here I am with Shakin' Stevens :)

In this photo:- left to right is David (whose son had a heart transplant), Rich, and Tim (both transplantees aswell).

I just love this piccie left to right:- Rich, Anne, Tim, Alan, Jill and I all still alive by generous people who signed the Organ Donor Register and gave us a 'second' chance to live.

Ok spot me in the crowd....actually the only warm I did was talking!! lol

And here I am with Rich who I ran the mile with (another double-lung transplantee of approx 14months).

Many various stalls were there on the day and I had a good nosey about :)

What I didn't capture was the torrential rain that happened about lunch time and I was actually quite grateful that I and the hundreds running did so before the outburst. However, some people did do 'laps' and were completely soaked through. It was great also that not only did I catch up with friends/staff at the hospital that a couple of my family came along too, Beverley and Roy. My parents were going to join - but my Dad is poorly at mo..so Dad, get well soon!! xx

Well...thats almost a wrap.....with a sneaky pub get together before I went home and I captured us all having a roast. However.....I was late and missed out on a roast as I had a healthy burger cheese and ketchup at Harefield...or was it the lettuce and tomato that made it healthy ;)

The day is a huge event to organise and Desiree Zimmerman who works as a fundraiser for Harefield puts this together - so well done!

Here is the link for the hospital if you would like to find out more information Harefield Hospital

Other news......I think I may have mentioned that I am in the process of writing my life bio about LAM disease, and my transplant. Or, if I haven't in any other blog write ups - I am and it is a raw and lengthy process and somewhat challenging. However, I DO feel ready to do this and chapter all my life.

Ok...time to say chow until the next blog. Much love as always and keep smiling everyone xx

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