Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Monday, 15 February 2010

MY Birthday part 1 + 2

February 12th - Part 1

My Birthday and another year alive with new lungs...maybe not so new.. as almost 4 years in my body. The build up for my Birthday, I was counting the weeks, days, hours. Like a little child bouncing around after drinking 5 ribenas and consuming 3 packets of Sherbet dip daps. Super high and zany Jussie on a "I love life" buzz, infact every day like that for me now as still alive and still breathing :)
I was being taking out for the day and I kept guessing where we were going. But had no idea it was to a fabulous restaurant as in the photo, a Thai restaurant called, Yum Yum....and it certainly was yum!

The most deliscious and tasty food with great atmosphere both within and outside the restaurant, hence the need to take photos!! Ahhhhh, but nothing ever runs simply or smoothly especially when, My friend organised how to reach the restaurant by underground - ensuring me that IT was the nearest station and only 1 mile to walk. The weather was pretty bad that day and the rain started to attack, then pour like cats n dogs. My ever so curly hair - was becoming ever so fluffy n frizzy!! And after 20mins, 30 mins...1 mile!!???? HaHa, then I get told its actually 2 miles, but he didn't want to tell me incase I wouldn't walk it. I said where is this restaurant, and was told Stoke Newington (we actually left the underground station at Finsbury park). Surely, there must be a station nearer? And, I said aloud....I bet when we approach the road where we are eating, we will see Stoke Newington Station!?

And what would you believe.....I was right!! After 45 minutes walking in the rain, no brolly, jus a tad soaked through and cold bones..........STOKE NEWINGTON (overground) station popped up and said, helloooooooooo, right infront of us!!!!!!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry? Then I reckoned that the restaurant would be like only 2 minutes away from this point.....and yep, you guessed it, it was!? lol

After entering the fancy place where we were going to eat, I made a quick exit - no not back home,lol...but to the bathroom - to sort hair, face, dry off my wet coat/damp cardigan...apply some lippy and retain the ever-so not so glam Jussie now, and sit down with a smile. I was very impressed with the choice of restaurant, and the food was amazing! You know.....all in all, the adventure getting here was a bundle of laughs when you look at the bigger picture, and certainly one day in my life - I will never forget! How my mate, didn't look into the overground (British Rail) as he used Google Maps instead for directions.
SO as much fun as it was getting here and that it was a memorable day...doesn't mean to impress me, that an hour's walk is required before dining out somewhere to eat...hahahahahahahahahaha...We both have laughed ever since, and I had a great lunch - thankyou!!! x

Then onto to Covent Garden one of my favourite towns, to finish with a dessert/cocktails at TGI Friday's....and I knew where this place was aswell, so walking here was not going to be like .....doing a mini marathon.

After a dessert cocktail with ice-cream, then a strawberry daiquairi for me, it was time to head back home...both a lil tired, exercised out, cold...and ready to chill back in the warmth with central heating!! Thanks matey for a specially planned out adventurous day...xx

February 20th - Part 2
Yay, today's the day I'm celebrating with friends - an all day/night affair! I have been looking forward to catching up with my close friends for little while now. My friends are not just local, but all over the UK and some mates drove a fair distance to get me/hours - so, thanks so much! And with friends who have known/been there for me in my early 20's when my illness first began (even though I was not diagnosed until 10 years later).

The first stage of my celebrations, was to have a meal at a Noodle Bar in my local town, then carry on back at my flat...with other people joining in later for the evening. I was up early doors prepping foods and also the night before...just couldn't keep still - like a bee buzzing away! Energy energy.....buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

On arriving at the restaurant with what seemed like an entourage and piling into the restaurant, food was definitely on the agenda! Great food, great company, and fab chats, giggles, hugs, and exchanging of stories.

LOOK at my cake photo!!!!!!!!!!!!????? LOL

Back at mine, and with other friends popping over, games, food (yes more) and a dvd movie much later. At, midnight I believe I finally flaked out!! Partying all day and night and socializing more than a queen butterfly :)
So, that wraps up another Birthday, another year alive thanks to my donor. Next celebrations are in July 9th for that is when 4 years ago - this year, my life was saved!
So.....the next months resume with training ready for 2 sets of Transplant Games and day to day life - that is of moi, aka, Jussie. Happy smiles to you all x x x

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