Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Friday, 25 September 2009

September - OH what a month!!!!!!!

I have written a massive blog for the whole month of September - whereby SO much has happened, and finally I have been able to write up all my adventures! October also has many happy things....and that blog will follow shortly.
Happy reading lovely people x x x

Essex Achievers Awards Night

WOW!!! That is how I must start this! What a night, the Essex Achievers Awards turned out to be. I was nominated a while back for an adult category called, "Against all odds" for adults who face major difficulties with courage/determination giving inspiration 2 all around.At that time, it was great to be purely nominated and I felt I had already won just to be recognised within my community. I continued with my day to day life, in the world of training fanantic, crazily busy Jussie and thought no more of it.

The actual night, was now upon me and my parents joined me along with my great friend, Fran, who as you know has spent a lot of her free-time assisting me (pushing me - with my training...even when I really have had enough.."just one more time Jussie" lol).

The whole evening was quite emotional, especially hearing the children's categories, and to be honest we are all winners just being there! I never expected to win overall...and as names were being mentioned as:- Commended, Highly Commended.....I kept expecting to hear my name. But then I realised after the last Highly Commended person was mentioned - and NOT my name, that - I had won!! Oh my goodness, I was shaking..and as post transplant patients know - shaking is a side effect of the medications. Fran checked if I was ok, and I said - that I was actually shaking (and not from my meds!!).

My name was mentioned, and I went to the stage to collect a great trophy and hear Dave Monk (Radio DJ of BBC Essex) say my story. The opening line was, "3 years ago Justine was planning her funeral.....gulp....I tried so hard not to cry. I was all smiles, until I returned to the table and balled my eyes out - emotion getting the better of me and quite amazing how FAR I have come and all that I have achieved with my campaigning on organ donation/LAM and fund raising for the last 5 years.
Also, that even though I struggle sometimes with my breathing doing exercise, that I still continue to set myself new challenges and defy the odds, like the Great South Bupa Run coming up on 25/10/09!

I think my parents were proud of me too that night.

All the other nominees for Against the Odds category - but to be honest, in my eyes - everyone was a winner!

Woohoo!! This is for - my donor - thankyou for giving me LIFE to continue!

Feedback from Facebook after I posted on my status/added photos of the night - that I won
Laura Katherine Cullum, Emma Still, Rich Neilson and like this.
Sandra Ramskill
"congratulations" well deserved. xx
Andy Healy
xxxxx :)
Nelson Freytes
booooooyaaah! that's american slang for congratulations!! ;)
Marla Dreyer Hamlin
Cheryl Buxton
Congratulations x
Hamish Barrie
well done you great to here xxx
Hamish Barrie
hear even but you know what I mean spelling not being my strong card
Eloise Roberts
wow thats fantastic! well done! x
Sarah Milne
YAY well deserved x x x
Karen Swift
Great pics.... well deserved and well done again...
Jim Lee
Awesome! So proud of you but then I always have been! x
Hugo Camacho
well done baby welllllllllllll done
Christopher Sidney Richardson
Well done Justine U Deserve It !!!!!!!!!
Stephanie L Gonzalez
It may be to your surprise, but not your followers. You are a living inspiration. Thank you for the hope you give and the joy you spread.
Gage Hanson
and you are surprised because? i sure aint! you deserve it babe...
Michelle Martin
I've seen you pre and post transplant and trust me babe you deserve this! xx
Sonya Pettigrew
Clair Hemmington
well done justine. You inspired me before my tx and still do now. xx
Donna M Williamson
You desrved to win xx Congratulations xx
Dawn Atkinson
Well done you!! Many congrats xxx
Annie Sekowski
Well done Justine! Very proud of you.
Emma Still
well done xxx
Laura Katherine Cullum
welll done hun!!!! thats amazing. marc would have been so proud of you xxxxxx
Rich Neilson, Donna M Williamson, Tim Gibson and like this.
Mark Roylance
well done
Jeremy Kalp
Very well done hun, you deserve it
Claire Lamborn
well done justine, couldnt have gone to a better person
Laura Perry
Well done jussie x x x
Laura Kirschner
well done, you really deserve it! x
Stephanie L Gonzalez
Wow -- Justine, that is so wonderful. You must share the news with the LAM list.srv!!! They will all be so proud!
Kathryn Flynn
And you have earned it Justine. Congrats!
Nina Volden
,well done, you really deserve it! Hugs from Norway.
Elizabeth Hosford
Fantastic stuff Justine. Well deserved and now we need to party!!!xxxxxxxx
Andy Healy
Oh Jussie that's wonderful!! Well done, I'm so proud of you and so happy that we are good friends... BIG ((((HUGS)))) to ya my lovely groovy buddy XXXXX :)
Crystal Craig Windsor
WHOA!!!!!!! Congrats
Nicki Torrington
That's fantastic! Well done :)
Michelle Briscoe
WooHoo!!! Congrats!!! You deserve it!!! :) :)
Kiri Kalp
What can I say you deserve it so very very much. Very very well done you are an inspiration to everyone. love you lots
Kathryn Crawley
Karen Whitham
Congratulations hon...so very pleased for you xx
Imi Spencer
Massively deserved, ur a LEGEND. Well done u xx
Karen Swift
Congratulations.... well done! xxx
Louise Lawrence
O sugar...u more than desrve that...enjoy the moment...I am very chuffed for you...u well earned that xxxxxxxx
Charlie Allen
congrats hunni im happy for u bbz x
Lynne Carr
Congratulations Jussie...well deserved!! :D XxX
Andrea James
Really thrilled - thank you for being such a great ambassador, and getting the message out there. xxx
Tim Gibson
Grainne Morrissey
Congrats!....u deserve it x
Deborah J Taylor Smith
Frances Bellamy
well done Justine, we are so proud of you! you well deserved to win!

WOW - thanks everyone - totally touched by everyone's support and fabulous messages.
I wasn't sure whether to upload these messages or not, then decided I would as if ever I have a down day - then I can look at this page - and be reminded by how proud people are of me - still to this day. Also, that all I do - does has an impact on other people here and across the world.
A great night....great inspirational stories by everyone nominated, and few more tears shed on my journey back home x x

Harefield Fun Day Fundraiser

A day to celebrate and raise awareness of people who have been given the gift of life - like me. Supporters through to families/children, doctors/nurses - anybody and everybody associated with Harefield. To also help with fund raising for a new MRI Scanner for the hospital. This event happens every year and I truly like being here and catching up with other transplant friends, and seeing doctors/nurses/hospital staff who were/have been part of my journey.

Today was great fun as lots of my family attended to support in with the fun and help with my stall. I am no longer making jewellery/cards (interested in focusing on my art more/exercise training) and was wanting to flog all!! I was intending to do the 3mile run, but after a weekend of driving lots and training heaps - I decided I was too tired and simply better that I enjoy the day and chill :)

Thumbs up Jussie and my stall

Lisa Muscutt and I (both double-lung chicks) and next piccie with my Mum x

Thankfully, the weather held out and the sun beamed down. A lovely day for all :)


Charity Night - Fundraiser for Harefield Hospital

A friend of our family, Brian Selwyn Barnet has all year used Harefield Hospital as a charity for for his local golf club where he was Captain of the Old Fold Manor Golf Club.
Throughout the year various events have taken place to continue with this fund raising.

However, tonight, was a special occassion - whereby a representative from the hospital, Don Bailey came to make a small speech about the funds assisting the purchase of a new MRI Scanner. I was also there, to make a speech about my journey before and after my transplant, and how fantastic the team were/are at Harefield.

After my talk, I was overwhelmed by applause and sat down - still to clapping. Then an auction followed shortly after and amazing how much people were willing to donate to Henry the Hoover..haha. Also, some great trips away - thank you to everyone on the night, and a grand total that evening raised, £3,500.
A couple of photos from the night, and thanks to Harefield Hospital for all the balloons, which as you can see were placed on each table. I also left donor leaflets/cards (for people - if they wanted to join the organ donor register) and information on Lam for people to read about this horrific rare lung disease. x x

Thanks everyone - yes, it was a longgggg read. Thanks for keeping up with all my news. Big hugs, happy smiles, and to many more gifts of life! x x

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