Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12

Jussie sails with Clipper 11-12
I sailed the last leg (8) in 2012 - USA,Nova Scotia,Ireland,Netherlands & UK. Travelling 4,000 miles, approx 22 days at sea, with 4 races in this leg.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to keep up with my Sailing Updates Clipper 11-12

Sailing across the world - want news on my progress? Race updates? Here is how...

1) Via Facebook updates
- Either from me when I'm in port (back on land).
- Or by my friend Andy Healy, who will be able to access my FB account if I send an email via satellite communication with a quick email status, which he will ulpoad for me. Or Andy will update status' from the Clipper website/Clipper emails he recieves also with news on the race (if he feels relevant).

2) Via Twitter updates (@lamlungartist)
- Again either by me when in port
- Or by my eldest brother, Gavin, who will be able to access my account if I send an email via satelitte communication with a quick email update.

3) Via the Clipper 11-12 Website


- Click on 'follow'
- then scroll down and you will see different options :- photo, galleries, video galleries, crew diaries
- the main one to read updates on is 'crew diaries' and for Edinburgh Inspiring Capital (yatch I am on). The crew on each of the 10 yachts sailing around the world try and write journals and crew members take turn in writing some news on their yacht sailing on. I'm sure I will too - so keep looking out for crew diaries for Edinburgh (EIC) even if not me - to see how things are onboard our yacht.
- Or have a nosey at the other options:- photo, galleries, video galleries if you have more time.

- And/Or to go back to the 'home page' and scroll down to read 'Race News' for general updates on race itself.

Even though, I will set up satellite communication - with a personal email, I do not have internet access - but, happy to give the email if anyone would like. Just no spam/silly jokes - just genuine messages please. It will cost me to read/reply emails, so please don't be offended if I'm unable to reply - will do my best either when on land or back in the UK. How I will survive without my Facebook/Twitter - who knows ;)!!

So, I intend for updates as I've mentioned above to send as emails to both Andy Healy and my brother, Gavin as one email for them to share with you all via my social networking sites.

4) And my BLOG here which you are already reading 


I would like to hope I can write a journal whether a few lines or a lengthy update on my progress from sailing to each new country on this epic venture.

Thanks lovely people - not long to go now!

Also, if you want you can send me post for when I arrive in the various ports/countries. I have a list of port addresses/dates of arrivals and happy to email anyone else who would like a copy of this who hasn't got it already. Please let me know asap and will organise the list to be emailed to you. To hear from you and life/news will be a blessing especially if I experience some tough times at sea.

Finally, thank you to all who have sponsored me or purchased item (s) on my Amazon wish list. I really appreciate all the help.

I did wish to be able to raise funds for Lam disease (which brought about my transplant) once all my outgoings were covered. So, for those who said they wanted to donate and never got round to it or people who still want to help my cause. Here is the link

JustGiving Link

Even if you can donate £1.00, all costs will help research to find a cure for Lam disease, as I do not want anyone to suffer like I did. Thanks :) xxx
Lotsa love,
Jussie xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

Live and Let Live

Fly High sweetpea...

I didn't expect to be writing this sort of blog - and it saddens me to loose yet another friend, the lovely, and handsome Alan Crowther.

I don't get to blog each time one of my friends gains their angel wings, otherwise, that would be all I wrote about sadly. Knowing friends with LAM, CF, and many other illnesses or whether waiting/post transplant - it is just a journey with no guarentees. The same as accidents that occur - one day we are alive and kicking. The next flying high in the sky.

I have gone through a mixture of emotions today and felt very teary eyed on/off today and kinda depressed too. I tend to bottle up how I feel, and for me to express my feelings here IS a miracle. Sadness, anger, then determination to keep living and pursue all my goals/ambitions whilst I can and live on in respect of my friends wanting me to achieve all I do (against the odds).

Alan, was one of these - we never actually met, but were close friends for many years talking on Facebook, msn, texting etc and shared inner most thoughts/emotions.

And so a special bond was formed and he felt like a best friend even brother - so close.

Alan also loved to draw, and I kept asking him to draw me (he had a list of people asking-yet lucky me, I jumped the queue). Alan posted this sketch last year (2011). It had meaning, and now more so!

Alan had cystic fibrosis and married to the lovely Alison who he idolised from our many chats about life, romance and all sorts. Alan was hoping to get a transplant and to travel to USA, but, he sadly became too ill even for transplant.

I know life begins and has an end - but, why do people unfairly have their ending before they really should? Questions start to cross my mind - like why I am still alive, why did I get a transplant and others didn't. Why don't people ALL understand and sign the organ donor register to save more lives?

.....taking a deep breathe here........sighs........

But, what can we gain - what can we take away from experiences that leave feeling somewhat confused and missing those who shine with the stars? Remember all the good times, happy moments, laughs and how amazing that person was to other people to and their loved ones. Gain strength and determination to keep going.

Only 7 weeks now until I leave the UK to sail around part of the world...so Alan, I will do this for you - I know you were very proud of me when we talked about my venture. I will also do this for the many friends I have loved and lost. I will do this, for the man who saved my life with his lungs as his battle was coming to an end. I will do this for my Mum and Dad who are also very proud of me. I will do this for me too!

Really appreciate your life and take nothing for granted. Life can be short and robbed too soon - do what you want to do, say what you want to say. Don't live with regret.

So on that note with a little tear - I love you all xxx